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IonPac NS1 Column

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The IonPac® NS1-10μm and NS1-5μm columns are packed with a neutral, macroporous, high-surface-area, ethylvinylbenzene polymer crosslinked with 55% divinylbenzene. This resin makes the NS1 resistant to

IonPac NS1 ColumnDetailed description of

  • Ideal for separation of large molecules that carry localized charges, such as surfactants
  • Compatible with acids, bases, and solvent from pH 0 to 14
  • Can also be used for traditional polymeric reversed-phase applications
  • Utilize ion-pair chromatography for difficult separations

The IonPac NS1 column is the column of choice for routine ion-pair chromatography or ion-suppression separations using the AMMS® ICE 300 suppressor. The NS1 is also used with mobile phase ion chromatography (MPIC®), a technique especially suited to large molecules that carry localized charges (e.g., surfactants), as well as other ions that are not amenable to separation by ion-exchange chromatography.


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