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Kromasil® premium silica-based HPLC

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Product Model: Kromasil 100 Å Kromasil 300 Å
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Kromasil HPLC Columns is the popular brand columns in the international market,, filled with large surface area, high mechanical strength, high coverage of a new generation of carbon chain packing. Co

Kromasil® premium silica-based HPLCDetailed description of

Kromasil® premium silica-based HPLC columns and chromatography packings are developed for analytical up to process scale applications. Kromasil has superior mechanical and chemical stability, high available surface area, and a narrow pore size distribution. This results in long lifetime and high loading capacity. In addition the surface properties are excellent, making it possible to run even basic compounds without the use of additives.

Kromasil 100  Å

Stationary phase particle size   4.6×150mm 4.6×250mm

Sil                5μm          EH04753  EH04754

C4                5μm          EH04723  EH04724

C8                5μm          EH04713  EH04714

C18               5μm         EH04703  EH04704

NH2               5μm         EH04743  EH04744

Phenyl            5μm         EH04783  EH04784

Sil                10μm        EH04553  EH04554

C4                10μm        EH04523  EH04524

C8                10μm        EH04513  EH04514

C18               10μm        EH04503  EH04504

NH2               10μm       EH04543  EH04544

Phenyl            10μm        EH04583  EH04584

Kromasil 300  Å

Stationary phase particle size   4.6×150mm 4.6×250mm

Sil                  5μm         EH05753 EH05754

C4                  5μm         EH05723 EH05724

C8                  5μm         EH05713 EH05714

C18                 5μm         EH05703 EH05704

Sil                  10μm        EH05553 EH05554

C4                  10μm        EH05523 EH05524

C8                  10μm        EH05513 EH05514

C18                 10μm        EH05503 EH05504

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