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Acclaim Trinity P1 Column

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Acclaim Trinity P1 is a unique, high-efficiency, silica-based column designed for pharmaceutical applications, such as simultaneous separation of pharmaceutical drug substances and their counterions.

Acclaim Trinity P1 ColumnDetailed description of

NSH Chromatographic Features

  • Multiple retention mechanisms including reversed-phase, anion-exchange, and cation-exchange
  • Adjustable selectivity by mobile phase ionic strength, electrolyte type, pH and organic solvent
  • Ideal selectivity for simultaneous separation of basic, neutral, and acidic analytes
  • Separation of hydrophilic ionic and ionizable analytes without ion-pairing reagents

Acclaim Trinity P1 Applications

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and counterions (cations or anions)
  • Screening of pharmaceutical counterions. Both UV and an ELS detector, in series, are required for simultaneous determination of both drug substances and counterions.
  • Mixture of acidic and basic drug substances and respective counterions
  • Drug substances: of acidic, basic and neutral mixtures
  • High throughput analysis following optimization of the selectivity and resolution. The flow rate can then be increased, and the analysis time shortened.
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