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IonPac AS4A-SC Column

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The IonPac® AS4A-SC 2 mm and 4 mm anion-exchange columns are designed for the fast analysis of inorganic anions in environmental waters. The AS4A-SC was introduced in 1984 and has been the preferred c

IonPac AS4A-SC ColumnDetailed description of

  • Resolves inorganic anions in 8 min using an isocratic carbonate/bicarbonate eluent.
  • Sodium tetraborate gradient optimizes difficult separations.
  • Meets or exceeds US EPA Method 300.0 (A) performance requirements.
  • Provides excellent performance for fast analysis of inorganic anions.

The IonPac AS4A-SC (solvent-compatible) is a low-capacity carbonate eluent anion-exchange column for the fast, isocratic separation of inorganic anions such as nitrate or sulfate, using a carbonate/bicarbonate eluent coupled with suppressed conductivity detection. Inorganic anions are easily determined in any liquid, including water, foods, and other diverse sample matrices.

Separation of the common inorganic anions can be achieved in less than 10 min using an isocratic carbonate/bicarbonate eluent. For simplified operation, use the AS4A-SC Eluent Concentrate and the Combined Seven Anion Standard. The Anion Self-Regenerating Suppressor (ASRS® 300) is recommended for use with the AS4A-SC column.

Analytical Columns
IonPac AS4A-SC Analytical Column (2 x 250 mm)
IonPac AS4A-SC Analytical Column (4 x 250 mm)


Guard Columns
IonPac AG4A-SC Guard Column (4 x 50 mm)
IonPac AG4A-SC Guard Column (2 x 50 mm)

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