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IonPac CS18 Column

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The IonPac® CS18 carboxylate-functionalized cation-exchange column is tailored for the separation of polar amines including alkanolamines and methylamines, and moderately hydrophobic and polyvalent am

IonPac CS18 ColumnDetailed description of

  • For amines including alkanolamines and methylamines in diverse sample matrices
  • For moderately-hydrophobic amines including biogenic amines, alkyl diamines, and polyvalent amines
  • Optimized for simple acidic gradient separations with minimal baseline shift
  • Ideal Reagent-Free electrolytic suppression with the Cation Self-Regenerating Suppressor CSRS® 300
  • Compatible with moderate amounts of organic solvents, excluding alcohols
  • Requires only a modest acid concentration to elute polyvalent cations

The IonPac CS18 cation-exchange column supports isocratic and gradient separations of polar amines, moderately hydrophobic amines, and polyvalent cations using suppressed conductivity detection. The CS18 column with nonsuppressed conductivity detection is recommended when extended calibration linearity for ammonium or weak bases is required. The CS18 can be used for many of the nonsuppressed applications supported by the IonPac SCS-1 column but with much greater column stability.

The IonPac CS18 is targeted for analysis of power plant waters treated with ammonium, morpholine, or ethanolamine; chemical additives; chemical process solutions; scrubber solutions; personal care products; and food samples.

Analytical Columns
IonPac CS18 Analytical Column ( 2 x 250 mm)


Guard Columns
IonPac CG18 Guard Column (2 x 50 mm)

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