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IonPac ICE-AS6 Ion-Exclusion Column

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Product Model: 046023
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The IonPac® ICE-AS6 ion-exclusion column is designed for fast analysis of aliphatic organic acids (including hydroxyl-substituted organic acids) and alcohols in complex or high-ionic-strength samples,

IonPac ICE-AS6 Ion-Exclusion ColumnDetailed description of

Use the ICE-AS6 column for organic acids in complex sample matrices.
Use the ICE-AS1 column for the fast separation of organic acids.

The ICE-AS6 column provides improved peak efficiencies and selectivity for carboxylic acids and alcohols. The weakly ionized acids are separated by pKa differences, size, and hydrophobicity. Strong acid anions such as chloride, oxalate, and sulfate elute in the void and do not interfere with the quantification of the organic acids.

Analytical Columns
IonPac ICE-AS6 Analytical Column

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