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Ecosil Ecoparts plunger rod seal

If you are interested in this product, you can Product Name: Ecosil Ecoparts plunger rod seal
Product Model: WAT022934
Product exhibitors: Ecosil

Ecosil Ecoparts plunger rod seal

Ecosil Ecoparts plunger rod sealDetailed description of

Ecosil Ecoparts  plunger rod sealchromatography accessories

Model: Waters 510/515/600/610/1515/1525
The plunger rod seal 1 / pk
Mfr No.: WAT022934
Alternative Product Number: LBC-2294
Price: 430

Lubex cooperates with foreign equipment parts manufacturers like Agilene, Waters, Shimadzu, PE and other Instruments parts suppliers, together providing our customers with more cost-effective accessories.

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