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TCI PH Indicators

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TCI PH Indicators

TCI PH IndicatorsDetailed description of

  Product No. Product Name1) Ranges of color change2)
  G0177 Methyl Violet (Y)0.1-3.2(V)
  B0781 Benzopurpurine 4B (B)1.0-4.0(R)
  M0490 Acid Yellow 36 (R)1.2-2.3(Y)
* M0074 m-Cresol Purple (R)1.2-2.8(Y)
  S0045 m-Cresol Purple Sodium Salt (R)1.2-2.8(Y)
* X0016 p-Xylenol Blue (R)1.2-2.8(Y)
* T0235 Thymol Blue (R)1.2-2.8(Y)
  S0049 Thymol Blue Sodium Salt (R)1.2-2.8(Y)
  A0576 Aniline Yellow (R)1.2-3.0(Y)
  P0631 Pentamethoxy Red (RV)1.2-3.8(C)
  B0425 Benzyl Orange (R)1.9-3.3(Y)
  D0842 2,6-Dinitrophenol (wetted with ca. 20% Water) (sY)2.4-4.0(Y)
  D0109 2,4-Dinitrophenol (wetted with ca. 20% Water) (sY)2.6-4.0(Y)
* D0231 Methyl Yellow (R)2.9-4.0(Y)
  T0039 Tetrabromophenol Blue (YG)3.0-4.6(B)
* B0574 Bromochlorophenol Blue (Y)3.0-4.6(V)
* B0631 Bromophenol Blue (Y)3.0-4.6(BV)
  S0043 Bromophenol Blue Sodium Salt (Y)3.0-4.6(BV)
* C0550 Congo Red (V)3.0-5.0(RO)
* M0489 Methyl Orange (R)3.1-4.4(OY)
  E0155 Ethyl Orange (R)3.4-4.8(Y)
  A5107 TBPE (YG)3.4-5.4(BV)
  E0054 4-Ethoxychrysoidine Hydrochloride (R)3.5-5.5(Y)
* B0578 Bromocresol Green (Y)3.8-5.4(B)
  S0041 Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt (Y)3.8-5.4(B)
  D0841 2,5-Dinitrophenol (wetted with ca. 20% Water) (sY)4.0-5.8(Y)
* M0421 Methyl Red (R)4.2-6.2(Y)
  M0424 Methyl Red Sodium Salt (R)4.2-6.2(Y)
  L0079 Lacmoid (P)4.4-6.6(V)
* N0220 4-Nitrophenol (sY)4.8-7.6(Y)
* C0245 Chlorophenol Red (Y)5.0-6.6(R)
  C0247 Chlorophenol Red Sodium Salt (Y)5.0-6.6(R)
  N0223 4-Nitrophenol Sodium Salt Dihydrate (sY)5.0-7.6(Y)
* B0580 Bromocresol Purple (Y)5.2-6.8(V)
  S0042 Bromocresol Purple Sodium Salt (Y)5.2-6.8(V)
  B0632 Bromophenol Red (Y)5.2-6.8(R)
* B0657 Bromothymol Blue (Y)6.0-7.6(B)
  S0044 Bromothymol Blue Sodium Salt (Y)6.0-7.6(B)
  B0998 Bromoxylenol Blue (Y)6.0-7.6(B)
* N0315 Neutral Red (R)6.8-8.0(Y)
  A0598 Pararosolic Acid (O)6.8-8.0(VR)
* P0100 Phenol Red (Y)6.8-8.4(R)
  P0102 Phenol Red Sodium Salt (Y)6.8-8.4(R)
  N0222 2-Nitrophenol Sodium Salt (sY)6.8-8.6(Y)
* N0031 alpha-Naphtholphthalein (O)7.0-8.6(B)
* C0406 Cresol Red (Y)7.2-8.8(R)
  S0046 Cresol Red Sodium Salt (Y)7.2-8.8(R)
* M0074 m-Cresol Purple (Y)7.4-9.0(V)
  S0045 m-Cresol Purple Sodium Salt (Y)7.4-9.0(V)
  B0817 Ethyl Bis(2,4-dinitrophenyl)acetate (C)7.5-9.1(B)
* P0094 Phenolphthalein (C)7.8-10.0(P)
* T0235 Thymol Blue (Y)8.0-9.6(B)
  S0049 Thymol Blue Sodium Salt (Y)8.0-9.6(B)
* X0016 p-Xylenol Blue (Y)8.0-9.6(VB)
* C0404 o-Cresolphthalein (C)8.0-9.8(P)
* T0237 Thymolphthalein (C)8.6-10.5(B)
* A0579 Mordant Orange 1 (YO)10.0-12.0(OR)
* A0578 Alizarin Yellow GG (Y)10.0-12.0(BrY)
  R0010 Tropaeolin O (Y)11.0-12.8(R)
  T0496 1,3,5-Trinitrobenzene (wetted with ca.40% Water) (C)11.5-14.0(O)
* I0214 Indigo Carmine (B)11.6-14.0(Y)
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