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Merck-The microbial airsampler system

If you are interested in this product, you can Product Name: Merck-The microbial airsampler system
Product Model: 109227 MAS-100
Product exhibitors: Merck

The microbial airsampler system The MAS-100 Eco® microbial airsampler is supplied with Mains power supply unit, Standard rechargeable NiMH batteries, Operator manual (Different language versions avail

Merck-The microbial airsampler systemDetailed description of

Features and benefits
• Robust and easy to handle airsampler
• Convenient 2-buttons operation
• Low running costs by using Standard Petridishes
• 100 l/min acc. to ISO 14698
• Isokinetic: no turbulence in laminar flow areas
• Sample volume programmable up to 1000 liters
• Runs 7.5 hours with built-in NiMH battery
• Automatic calibration reminder
Experimental procedure
Open the sampling head and insert a standard Petridish.
The MAS-100 Eco® has built-in dialog software. Press "Yes" to
switch on or to accept a parameter or command. To ignore it,
press the "No" button. The program works its way automatically
through all the required parameters.
Once you have set the aspirated volume and delay, the program
goes to the "Start ?" prompt. When you press "yes", the MAS-100
Eco® starts to sample the pre-set volume of air.
After the collection the total volume collected will be displayed.
Remove the Petridish and count the colonies after incubation.
 Technology parameters
18 x 11 cm, silver aluminium housing with
blue handle.
Microbial air monitoring in food & drink
and all other cleanrooms.
Alphanumeric liquid crystal display,
Working range
Free selection of volume of 10 - 1000
liters. Predefined Volume selectable.
Sampling head
Perforated aluminium lid with 400 holes,
for standard 90/100 mm Petridishes.
Nominal airflow
100 liters / min. ± 4 %.
Menu modes
Measurement: User menu.
Settings: Setup menu.
Control buttons 1 YES-button and 1 NO-button for easy
Ambient conditions
Temperature 0 to 40°C; Maximum relative
humidity 80 percent for temperatures up to
31°C decreasing linearly to 50 percent
relative humidity at 40°C.
Low-voltage socket for the MAS-100®
power supply unit.
Mains operation
Can be connected to the mains with the
power supply unit: 110-240 Volt, 47-63
4 plug adapters for worldwide use.
Portable operation
2 standard NiMH rechargeable batteries,
for 3.5 hours operation.
Recharge cycle 9 hours.
CE (EN 50081-1:1992 + EN 50082-1:1997,
EN 50081-2:1993 + EN 50082-2:1995 +
prEN 500082-2:1996)
Techn. revisions
Technical modifications in compliance
with technical progress reserved.

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